EO AZ Social Media Policy

Technology has changed the way EO AZ communicates, interacts, and engages with its members, prospective members, sponsors, prospective sponsors, guests, vendors, speakers, presenters, and the general public (“Stakeholders”). EO AZ believes it is in its best interest to participate in this exchange of information and ideas and that it is important to create and support a dialogue between and among its Stakeholders.

For purposes of this policy, social networking activities include, but are not limited to, the creation of or participation in: blogs, social networks/online communities (e.g. LinkedIn®; YouTube®; Facebook®; Twitter®; Instagram®; SnapChat®, and other similar sites), wikis, discussion forums, file-sharing, and any other published form of user-generated media (“Social Networking Activities”).

If any Stakeholder attends an EO AZ event including but not limited to socials, educational presentations, forum meetings, or any other EO AZ-related function (“Events”), the following policies and principles apply:

• EO AZ and/or its Stakeholders may create and/or participate in Social Networking Activities that include capturing video and/or photos, posting comments, participating in discussions, and other activities such that the Stakeholders can be identified and/or their activities and location monitored and disclosed. Stakeholders have no expectation of privacy.

• Stakeholders provide permission to EO AZ to (i) make use of the Stakeholder’s image and/or likeness on EO AZ’s website and in Social Networking Activities; and (ii) make use of the Stakeholder’s image and/or likeness on print media associated with EO AZ.

• Stakeholders grant to EO AZ a non-exclusive, perpetual, fully paid-up, irrevocable, worldwide, sub-licensable license in and to the Stakeholder’s image and likeness. EO AZ may use such likeness and/or image for educational, training, promotional, or advertising purposes or any other business purposes relating to the EO AZ’s services.

• EO AZ will not use such image or likeness in a manner that is (or in connection with any material that is) obscene, discriminatory, defamatory, fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful.

• No compensation for the use of such image and/or likeness will be provided.

• Stakeholders waive any right to inspect or approve any such image or likeness prior to its use.

• EO AZ reserves the right to monitor, prohibit, restrict, block, suspend, terminate, delete, or discontinue access to any social media site, at any time, without notice and for any reason and in its sole discretion.

Updated: August 2015