Event recap: EOAZ State Of The Chapter

Highlights | Watch the full video

On August 30, 2016, EOAZ kicked off the 2016/2017 calendar year with a State of the Chapter event presented by Chapter President JP Dahdah. The event was attended by a majority of the chapter, but for those who missed it, here are highlights from JP’s presentation:

  • 153 members in 16 forums
  • 25 new members added in the past 12 months including 6 accelerators
  • 92% member renewal
  • 14 learning events and 9 social events scheduled for 2016/2017 on a budget of $235,000
  • Chapter retreat scheduled for April
  • Revenue: $358,800 (member dues) plus $135,000 (partners)
  • New chapter swag store launched
  • Of our 153 members, 72 are contributing in some official way to the ecosystem

As far as what you can expect this year, the board’s vision for the chapter includes:

  • Purposefully build the EOAZ Community by encouraging engagement beyond the forum. This means attending chapter and global events, involving your spouse/significant other, becoming involved in giving back in an official capacity and contributing online to hashtag #EOAZLife
  • Attain a chapter NPS score of 80 by 5/30/2017
  • Intentionally elevate EO Brand Visibility both internally and externally
  • Protect the EO standards of quality, exclusivity and access