EO AZ Guest Policy

EO AZ is a member-based organization that is 100% funded by member dues and our Strategic Alliance Partner (SAP) fees. As a member-funded organization, it is important that funds are used properly to maximize the benefit to our paying members. As a commitment to being fiducially responsible to our members, the below categories of event guest policies have been implemented.

Member Only

These events are for members only. Our SAPs and guests are not allowed to attend.

Members and SAPs

These events are for current EO AZ members as well as our SAP representatives.

Member plus Guest(s)

These events welcome each member to bring a maximum number of guests to an event, the amount noted within each invitation. The number of guests allowed will be determined by the Chapter President, Learning Chair and Social Chair for each event. Two of the deciding factors in determining the number of guest(s) allowed are the cost per each attendee to the chapter and if there is value to member companies by allowing guests and colleagues. If it is a learning event with minimal F&B and other associated costs, it is more likely to be open to guest(s) attendance. We especially want to have the opportunity for members to bring guest(s)/colleague(s) if the content of the event will benefit member companies. Event invitations may also include a limited number of guests at no cost and/or a cost for additional guests beyond the complimentary offer. If the content of the event is more social in nature or not perceived to add value by allowing guests, none or minimal guests will be allowed.

Members Plus VIP/Board Guests

If an event is not open to guests, the board may determine that under specific circumstances there should be an exception. This includes potential new members, new SAPs, EO members from other chapters, speaker guests, etc.

Members plus Spouses/Significant Others

These events are intended for EO AZ members and their spouse/significant other/family members. This includes learning events that are unique to EO and social events that are meant to build the relationships within the EO AZ community. These events are not meant for friends, colleagues, or other associates of EO members. These events usually come at a higher cost to the chapter (ex. holiday party). Significant other is defined as someone who is in a current personal relationship with a member and more than just a friend, colleague or recent acquaintance. This definition can be manipulated to fit many circumstances. It is asked that members honor the spirit in which it was written and request clarification from the Chapter President if needed. It is up to the Chapter President to make the decisions when asked.

The above guidelines are meant to assure we provide value to chapter members by maximizing our annual budget in a manner that allows us to do the most for the EO AZ Chapter.

Should you have questions about this policy, please contact the Chapter President.