The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Arizona Board of Directors is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the chapter and bring value to our members. With that philosophy in mind, we wanted to introduce to you a new program that we are considering rolling out.

The new program is called the Key Executive Forum. Knowing that the member-forum experience is incredibly valuable to current EO members, we are looking to implement what some other EO chapters have successfully established by setting up forums for our members’ key executives. The thinking is that we as members benefit tremendously from the forum experience, others in your company can benefit as well, benefiting your organization as a whole.

Prior to us introducing this opportunity to everyone, we would like to hear your feedback. Below, please find more information about the program as well as a link to submit your comments.

Key Executive Forum Information

The Key Executive Forum is an opportunity to provide your senior executive(s) with an environment to experience-share and learn with peers, in the same format to which we’re accustomed to in EO.

Definition of Key Executive:

Your right and left hand person(s) that functions as president or as a C-Level executive within your organization. This forum is NOT designed to include your department managers, administrative staff or supervisors.

“Is there structure to the forums?”

The simple answer is yes. This program successfully exists in various chapters around EO globally. Key Executive Forum is managed similarly to our award winning Accelerator program and two current spousal forums. The forums will be operated just like member forums with moderators, guidelines and parameters for conversation structure.

“What is the cost?”

The cost for this program is $1,000.00 per K.E.F. member annually. There will be an additional one-time $500.00 forum training fee which will pay for your key executive to be forum trained.

“What if I want to send two or more people from my organization?”

We will try to accommodate everyone immediately, however we do ask for your understanding as will not be able to place two members from the same company into the same forum. This could result in a possible delay of one of your team members being able to join a forum immediately. Our goal is to have a minimum of two forums of at least eight members to initiate the Key Executive Forum program.

In order to launch this amazing benefit for your company, we need to gauge the overall interest. Your Board would like to thank you for taking a few minutes to share your possible interest with us in the form below.

EO Arizona Board