Aric Mei’s History with The Parlor Featured in Arizona Republic

Aric Mei The Parlor

(Photo: Michael Schennum/The Republic)

Aric Mei, EO Arizona member and owner of The Parlor on Camelback Road in Phoenix, has been featured in the Arizona Republic.

Opening his restaurant in 2009 during a difficult economic time here in the valley, Aric and his business partner, Dan Mei, evaluated whether or not they should even move forward with their plans that started in 2007 in a much more favorable environment.

But by the third weekend in a building that didn’t even have signs, the restaurant was turning a profit — and has ever since. By providing an affordable lunch and dinner to an average of 350 guests per day, The Parlor has an average of 10 percent growth.

Stability in staff has created a family-like environment,  which reflects in the service provided.

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