meltmedia, mobiManage Make Phoenix Business Journal Lists for Top Mobile App Developers and Software Companies in Arizona

The Phoenix Business Journal recently published lists ranking mobile app developers and software companies in Arizona by total number of employees. Included on both lists were meltmedia and mobiManage, companies run by EO AZ members.

Justin Grossman’s meltmedia retained their #1 spot from 2014 and 2015 on the mobile applications developers list with a total of 86 local employees.  Doug Ralston’s company, mobiManage, which employees 22 employees, was also on the list coming in at #4.

For the software company list, meltmedia ranked #3, which is up one spot from last year.  mobiManage jumped 3 spots from 2015 with a 17th place ranking.

Click for more info about the mobile app developers list and software company list in the Phoenix Business Journal.