Redirect Health – Challenging (and Changing) the Healthcare Game Featured in Businessing Magazine and Helping EO Arizona Member Serendipit Consulting in the Process

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We’re always pleased to hear great news about one of our members. We’re doubly pleased to hear about a feature of two of EO Arizona members: Dr. David Berg of Redirect Health and Melissa DiGianfilippo of Serendipit Consulting who uses Redirect Health for her company.

Redirect Health helps companies enable their employees to create self-funded health plans so they can take care of their inexpensive everyday healthcare needs, and only then consider more costly services that may require insurance. All at a cost to the employer at less than $100 per employee per month for up to a $12,000 per employee savings.

Melissa DiGianfilippo of Serendipit Consulting, a PR and marketing agency based in Phoenix, uses Redirect Health. She is quoted as saying, “Offering Redirect Health to our employees at Serendipit Consulting has changed the game for us — both in attracting new talent and retaining existing talent. Now we are able to market that we offer, ‘free healthcare,’ which is attracting a level of employee we were never able to attract previously. The benefit is clear.”

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