The EO Mentorship program creates impact on the deepest level. It engages members in synergistic, one-on-one relationships that accelerate personal development by focusing on goals, accountability and results. It’s a platform for gaining new perspective, sharing feedback and learning from another’s experience in an intimate setting. Whether serving as a mentee or a mentor, members rank mentorship as one of the most valuable experiences in EO. All mentorship programs are all chapter-based, so your mentor will be local and available to you.

Mentors are typically members of other organizations with connections to EO, such as YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and YPO Gold.  YPO is comprised of business leaders who are directly responsible for a qualifying corporations’ business or division.


  • EO will attempt to match pairs based on mentee goals and mentor expertise
  • Pairs try to have a monthly face-to-face meeting which is scheduled based on the mentor’s convenience
  • During each meeting, the mentee is responsible to bring forward specific goals for development, while the mentor acts as a sounding board who can provide perspectives and insights that support growth and maturity in life and in business